By Jordan Haefling, a member of the SkillCorps Kenya 2016 team

This past week and a half has been one that I honestly cannot describe. We’ve had amazing days and we’ve had some confusing days but, overall, we have had an incredible time here.

While we have gotten to know each and every client at the center, we have created bonds that, for at least me, will stay with me once we get home. I know, as therapists, that we strive for progress with our kids, well the same goes for the kids here in Kaizora. I cannot wait to hear about updates in the coming months after our team leaves here about the kids and their progress.

Today was truly the day where it actually hit me, we will be leaving Kaizora in just a few days. It seems unreal that our two weeks here are already almost up. If I were to give any advice to future SkillCorps teams it would be to listen with open ears and to speak up when you have a great idea. The collaboration that we have experienced with the staff members of Kaizora has really been amazing to me and something that I have never really experienced.

These next couple of days will be filled with data collection, tying up loose ends, and a ton of fun, so even though our trip is coming to an end, I know that this trip is one that I will never forget.


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