by Ashley Stiles, a member of the SkillCorps® Kenya October 2018 team

Walking in the doors for our first day of work at Kaizora, I know I am not the only one on my team who had no idea what to expect. We had some information- Kaizora is run by the only BCBA in East Africa, and is the Global Autism Project’s longest running partnership.

We had clinical calls and briefings that were meant to prepare us for this very moment. However, the uncertainty was still there. 

After our first day of observation, that uncertainty was gone. Setting goals is easy when you have a staff that is as motivated and passionate as the staff at Kaizora.

Small steps towards huge end goals such as a comprehensive sexual education curriculum, incidental teaching sessions that are fun and functional, and effective supervision, are all part of a much bigger global movement to provide an education to every child, regardless of where they live or how they learn.