by Aidan Dunn, SkillCorps® Assistant, October 5, 2018

Hello readers! I am writing to tell you all about what’s been going on here at the Global Autism Project. We recently met two of our biggest goals for this year! First off, we have some new overseas partners. This means that we’ll be able to send our SkillCorps® volunteers to more countries than ever before! Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Angola and Romania have now been added to the list of countries we will visit. In addition to new countries, we have also expanded in some of the countries we’ve been going to already. In China, we obtained a partnership in the city of Hangzhou. That puts us up to three locations in China alongside Nanchang and Nanjing. We also got a new site in India-Bangalore to work at alongside our existing location in Chandigarh. Altogether, we’ve added six new locations to our SkillCorps® trip locals! This is a huge step forward for us but it’s not the only big news we have in store! Recently, our own Ann Beirne finished writing up her book- “Understanding Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis: Practical Applications”. She had a lot of questions about writing a book, to begin with. What is proofreading? How long does it have to be? Am I sounding repetitive? These were just some of the questions she would ask us when writing the book so to see it all come together so successfully is amazing. This is a big deal for us since a lot of us have helped work on it. A lot of the higher-ups here have written about their viewpoints and experiences in it and even I’ve managed to contribute a bit by helping to edit and proofread it! I’m guessing that most of you readers are not involved in psychology and ABA, but if you are, check the book out whenever it comes out! (Provided it gets approval from the publishers) We’ve been working on this for months so it really feels like a big accomplishment for the office. That’s all for this post, check out our next one, hopefully coming this Halloween!