By: Catherine Tiona

Upon learning about the Global Autism Project, I was at a point where I knew this was the thing for me to do. I always dreamed of traveling to other countries to do ABA and GAP gave me that opportunity sooner than expected. I went through the interview process with high hopes of getting a spot to travel. When it came and they said I’d be going to Indonesia for the October group, I lit up. I got so excited to travel to Indonesia and teach ABA. 
Long behold, I am a week into my trip and have had far more experience than I expected. I didn’t realize that I’d be learning more than I’d be teaching. I became part of a cultured, honest group of people upon orientation. Everyone is so kind and full of adventure. The community here is full of people who care about each other and assure respect is given. The owner of the center is a passionate, kind hearted individual who wants nothing more than to make a difference in the special needs community. The coolest thing is everyone truly cares about the kiddos and their families that we are helping. I’ve worked in the field of ABA for a long time and have never experienced this kind of community before. This type of environment and perspective is something that I will be taking home to share without a doubt.  One more week to go here in Indonesia, and many more adventures to come for me with the Global Autism Project!