Next week is American Thanksgiving (on Thursday), the day in which we give thanks for inaccurate historical events regarding the formation of our country. Thanksgiving has come to mean a lot of things in the United States, including eating a lot, shopping a lot, and, well… just all around gluttony. (Which, to be fair, isn’t ALL that different from the early settlers to this country, but I digress). But luckily, as not-so-favorable images of our ancestors become more well-known in the public vernacular, a greater emphasis on “giving thanks” has emerged (I think). Over the past couple years of facebook, a trend of “30 days of Thanks” has been popular, in which people update their status to give thanks for one thing in their lives each day.

I love this. As you can probably judge from the above paragraph, I am a bit of a cynic, but I love the emphasis on giving thanks. And when thinking about what to blog about this week, I settled on this, because I realized the Global Autism Project has a lot to be thankful for. We are now 10 years old, and we have learned, grown, and changed so much in that time. But even in the past year our growth has been exponential.

This time last year, we, along with so many others in New York and on the East Coast, were recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Even today, the area of NYC around our office is still under construction and recovering. We are so grateful that our office was safe, but more importantly, that we were all safe. This year we added a new partnership with YCHI in Indonesia, and it has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve taken 6 SkillCorps trips so far this year, all of which were wildly successful. We are grateful for the safety of our Kenyan partners in the wake of the Westgate tragedy in Nairobi, and we are grateful that we were able to go to Nairobi last month with SkillCorps even after the trip had been rescheduled. We have had amazing success with our new exam review prep packages and we are grateful we have been able to share that with all of you!

There are so many individual people that have played huge roles in this organization this year that we cannot even begin to give thanks for all of them. We are grateful for the new, amazing people that are coming into our lives and our organization every day as we interview new SkillCorps members, talk to new potential partners, and make new friends. We’re grateful for our new amazing website and our amazing photographer friend, Debbie Rasiel who contributed so much to it!!

More than anything though, we are grateful for all of you. If you are reading this blog, that means your support our organization in some way– financially, emotionally, physically– through all of your unique gifts. Without you, this organization wouldn’t be what it is today. So though we could never say it enough, we just wanted to say one thing–




Emily Boshkoff-Johnson

Research and Training Coordinator


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