We are the wave-makers.

We believe in unyielding optimism and unceasing collaboration.

We embrace and champion local initiatives.

We travel to the edges of our comfort zones and keep going.

We gravitate towards adventure.

We believe in the power of grassroots.

We remind others to remain hopeful.

We’re humbled and transformed by the experiences with our partners.

We build sustainability. We create change that is everlasting.

In order for children with autism to learn, their teachers must be trained.

We listen. We learn. We respect cultural differences.

What is Culture?

“Actually, the most important part of culture…is that which is hidden and internal but which governs the behavior encounter.” (Hall 1976)

What is Cultural Humility?

Cultural humility is the life-long practice of self-reflection, challenging assumptions and belief systems and working to understand the hidden and internal factors which impact the behavior of a culture.

How do we apply it?

We prepare our SkillCorps teams to be immersed in a new culture. While customs and best practices are reviewed and discussed prior to traveling, we encourage all team members to practice cultural humility and get to know the culture they are immersed within on a deeper level.

We do not practice voluntourism.

SkillCorps is distinct from voluntourism in two ways:

  • Our volunteers are trained professionals with an applicable skill set, targeted to the needs of our partners.
  • We practice sustainable development. We are in constant communication with our partners year-round and ensure the work done on SkillCorps trips is implemented and practiced accordingly.

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