By Krystina Gilhuly, a second-time SkillCorps volunteer and member of the SkillCorps Kenya August 2016 team

It has been a fantastic week with so much progress. From the first day until our halfway point on Friday, there has been tremendous growth at the center. Behavior plans have been fine tuned, students are communicating better, and staff are learning so much! What I have found amazing has been how the center has opened up to all of the recommendations and has continually praised the current group on the feedback that has been given. The momentum has grown and will continue into next week!

What is unique about the Global Autism Project is the focus on creating a sustainable impact. Everything we have been recommending has taken into account the culture, the resources and the style of teaching to plan for when we are not physically there anymore. This is very important to me as we only have two weeks in the country. Despite groups not always being there, there will be ongoing support and future trips to continue building upon what we have worked on so that progress will continue.

As far as the Skillcorp team, what is amazing is that this team has come from so many different backgrounds and areas. Despite the differences in experiences, we are very much in sync with each other. We are grown together and have accomplished so much in such a sort time! This is the magic of Skillcorps!


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