By Amanda Groos, a member of the SkillCorps DR October 2016 team
Awe. Passion. Endurance. Teamwork. Comfort zones. Silliness. Exploration. Friends. Focus. Family. Humility. Patience. Observation. Problems. Solutions. Family. 
These are just a few words to describe my time here in the Dominican Republic with my SkillCorps team. 
Working with the staff at Aprendo is giving me a solid appreciation for all of the skills that I’ve been able to share with them. There’s something magical about demonstrating helpful strategies to someone and then watching them take that information and use it right away. The best part is seeing the light bulb go on and seeing them get excited when their new skills have a direct impact on their child’s progress. 
Seeing the staff succeed, collaborating excellently with my teammates, and watching my teammates thrive in their passion is the most invaluable experience that SkillCorps provides, and I am beyond grateful to be a part of something so beautiful! 
Now to enjoy the weekend break in gorgeous Las Terrenas after such a long and productive work week.

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