by Sara Costello, Director of International Partnerships

This is my 10th SkillCorps trip. Each trip has been inspiring and enlightening in their own way — and each SkillCorps trip has spurred on my growth as a clinician and helped me to transform my clinical practices.

I have traveled with clinicians who I still call with questions. I have studied with brilliant minds, and continue to lean on past SkillCorps members’ expertise. As someone who recruits for SkillCorps, I have a high standard. I boast of our clinical capacity, because I have seen first hand the effects of gleaning expertise where it is needed most.

Today is a phenomenal example.

Today was the fourth day of our first week at Kaizora. We have been data-taking fools, working to understand present challenging behaviors. We decided to conduct a functional analysis (FA) to test for the function of a specific behavior. ONE member of our team had conducted a true FA. TWO Kaizora team members had conducted FAs. Needless to say, the effort was not a gleaning of expertise but an artful collaboration.

Both SkillCorps team members and Kaizora staff were trained on the FA process today.

And while Kaizora staff dealt with the challenging behavior on the inside, SkillCorps members stood outside in the rain to collect data. There are no two-way mirrors here… Just windows.


I am thankful for 10 SkillCorps trips, and the incredible array of clinicians I have worked alongside. I am thankful for our partner site that has surpassed my experience — who can teach me the ins and outs of functional analysis and work together with SkillCorps in an artful collaboration. And I am thankful for this team, allowing me to continue to lean on their expertise and learn alongside them in the field.

Here’s to rainy days and behaviorspeak!

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