By Jeremy Meduri, a member of the SkillCorps Indonesia July 2016 team

As we embark on our group excursion, I cannot help but find myself reflecting back on the past few days and what we have accomplished for both the Hi5 Center and the bonds established within this wonderful SkillCorps group. It’s amazing how quickly friendships can form in a group of people who met for the first time only last week. I think the productivity, in part, stems from these friendships and the ability for us to approach, as a group, the tasks at hand. Obviously, the productivity aspect can be attributed to Michelle’s natural ability to lead us, and to effectively think through any situation that she is faced with. I imagine it’s safe to say that none of the SkillCorps members expected to have our first week unfold in best-case scenario fashion. I do think, however, that it enabled more of an easy and carefree mentality going in to the excursion because today was awesome! We had a blast exploring Prambanan Temple and cannot wait for what lies ahead. Borobudur, here we come!


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