By Jenna Rosa, a member of the SkillCorps Indonesia October 2016 team

It is still surreal to me that I am half way around the world participating in such an amazing partnership. Our mission was to travel here to collaborate with an awesome team of local therapists to mindfully empower their skills, knowledge and resources so that they can provide individuals with autism, in Indonesia, with effective ABA therapy. In doing so, we are able to raise awareness and most importantly, give people in Indonesia with autism the chance to be accepted and succeed!

Leaving here is bittersweet. I know that we have accomplished what we came here to do and that the staff at Hi5 is fully capable of taking it from here. I will miss working with such sweet, intelligent, generous, kind, knowledgeable and inspiring women! I know that the kids at the Hi5 Centre are certainly in good hands! At the same time, I am happy to return to the States and continue my work with the kids there.
When I went to my bank at home, before this trip, to inform them of my travels, the teller said, “Oh, you’re going to Indonesia, how nice! Business or pleasure?” I proudly responded, “BOTH!”

I love what I do and I truly enjoyed working, eating, singing and laughing with my new colleagues and dear friends.



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