By Danielle Ortiz, a member of the SkillCorps Czech Republic August 2017 team

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” This quote relates so well to each center I have been to with the Global Autism Project. The staff are beyond willing to learn, they ask for our input and we often see them soar with their new-found skills. But it is not only the centers that learn on these trips, it’s the team that is coming in to assist that learn as well. I go into each trip preparing what skills or procedures will be taught. What I never expect is my personal growth from these experiences.  I am inspired by each center, their drive to give the best services they can to their clients. Their desire to work hard and learn new material. So often we have the mentality that everything will come easily to us, well what happens when it does not? This is the self-determination I see in the centers. They may not grasp a concept immediately but are willing to learn and grow. This past week I was able to see so much growth with the Staff at ABA Centrum. The growth did not end with the staff trainings, it flowed over into my personal life. I was surrounded by 3 amazing BCBA’s who were a fountain of knowledge. It is so refreshing to hear new perspectives and procedures, so often I find myself in the same bubble of information, not branching out. But these trips help to open my eyes to the possibilities. I was surrounded by amazing insights, opinions and so much ABA discussions. These experiences are life changing, they help you grow personally and professionally. These experiences are why I continue to travel with the Global Autism Project.

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