By Dewanna Steamer, a member of the SkillCorps Indonesia Feb. 2017 team

This trip has been an eye opener starting with fundraising till now. During orientation we were asked about our comfort zones on various topics ranging from 1, being comfortable, and 5 being, not doing it! I will be honest… I several 5’s. But now that I am living and experiencing Indonesia I have shocked myself with how far out of my comfort zone Im willing to go…I have grown tremendously in just a matter of days, trying more new foods in one week than I have my entire life, (my fiancé still doesn’t believe I’ve tried as many as I have) walked past a giant (living) lizard, made attempts to communicate with others who dont know my native tongue, and I’ve survived it all. I thought I was traveling across the world and all I would do was train a few women who have the same passion as me (they are amazing!) then head back home to tell people how I played a part in their lives. While its one way to look at it I now have a better story to tell. These women have already made me more culturally aware allowing me to take home a piece of Indonesia. 

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