By Maddisen Currier


The first moment I knew I was in a little over my head… stepping out of the airport

in NYC. The second was praying for my life as the taxi sped around in rush hour

traffic, all while taking time to check his messages. I have traveled abroad before,

and never really had a hard time being away from home. For some reason, this trip

has been very different. I began experiencing culture shock in NYC, but that

combined with two long international flights, plus a few logistics issues, made it that

much worse when I arrived in Kenya. I’m not going to lie; I had a rough couple of



Who knew T. Swift was popular in Kenya?


A few days working with the kiddos, a good nights sleep, two trips to the elephant

orphanage, and lots of laughter later and I am finally feeling back to my ‘normal’ self.

I have already seen amazing things, but have only been in Kenya for a few days! I

have seen wonderful things at the center and from my team. I have already learned

so much from my team members. I am beyond excited for the rest of our time here.

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