by Tracy Pereira, a member of the SkillCorps® Kenya October 2018 team

I can’t believe my first week working with SkillCorps and the team at Kaizora is already coming to a close! It has been such a great experience learning from each one of the SkillCorps members, the team at Kaizora, and about the Kenyan culture. 

It was intimidating coming into the center on the first day not knowing what to expect from the kids and staff and not knowing much about Kenyan culture. Throughout the week we got to observe staff implementing programs, share ideas with the staff on how to change programs, and help the staff when they had questions. The Kaizora team members have been very open to collaborating and thinking about new, more effective, ways to teach certain skills. 

It has been so moving to see even the slightest of changes even this week. Whether it be helping staff realize their potential, seeing changes in their implementation of programs, and seeing improvements in the skills of the students. Together we are working on coming up with a sexual health curriculum for the students at the center. It has been such a great experience to be able to encourage them to in the process of brainstorming topics and coming up with different ideas for programs around these topic. 

The Kaizora team has been very welcoming and I have learned so much from them already. I am very excited for the great things that are to come during our next few days with them!