By Jill Hickey, a member of the SkillCorps July 2016 team

It’s hard to believe that we have only a few more days left here in Jakarta and at the Hi5 Center. I had the opportunity yesterday and today to interact with some of the children, and observe the great work that the educators are doing with their students. Getting to see the sessions and interact with the children really helped to bring to life many of the discussions that have taken place over the past week.  We all needed to step outside of our comfort zone at some point in order to communicate (whether giving input, asking questions, or attempting to speak a new language), but when it comes to working and interacting with the children, it felt like we were speaking the same language. I really admire the natural ability, the desire to learn, the humor and warmth that I have seen in all of these amazing women.  I am grateful to them for making us feel welcome in their country, their center, and their homes.   


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