By Kamylle Mac Intosh, a member of the SkillCorps Kenya August 2016 trip
I’m in Kenya… I’m in Kenya?! I’m miles away from home yet I feel like I never left. In so many ways I feel at home – in the literal sense, but also at the center which reminds me so much of my center in New York. I spot similarities in abilities, behaviors, and interests of the students. The behavior therapists share in the thirst for knowledge and uncovering/advancing the abilities of their students. The strong collaboration has truly been amazing.
As we wrap up our first week at Kaizora, I feel so accomplished. Though there is still work to be done, we have laid the groundwork within our individual task areas. We started off with observations and data collection and by the end of the week we had some behavior plans and interventions in place. Each day we give a lot and get a lot. The staff have been so receptive to feedback and I have personally felt like the SkillCorps team and the Kaizora staff are one big team working together toward common goals. 
It truly is inspiring to see 6 people from many walks of life come together in a foreign country and work together so well to BE THE CHANGE. For the first time in all my world travels I feel at ease and purposeful. 

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