Krystina Gilhuly is a Clinical Coordinator based in Connecticut and is currently part of the SkillCorps team in Indonesia.

We finished during this week with the 6 days of community training with the staff at Hi5. This was an amazing training where the staff at Hi5 were able to co-lead the trainings. The staff took the initiative to set up the training. We then helped present the topics and the staff took over the afternoon with having role plays, video feedback/review times, assigning homework, and facilitating discussions. I especially loved how the staff were becoming the experts and able to practice training others. The training started with basic concepts which then built upon each other throughout the 6 days. Every step of the training was planned out to allow the participants the opportunity to understand theory and then practice the skills.


When the training ended, I wanted to keep going as we were creating close relationships with the participants. The participants also didn’t want to leave. Even after we were done and took pictures, the participants still stayed around talking. I think that is a sign of a good training!


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