You can always contact us with your questions at or 718.764.8225.

Though we always love to talk with people, we do get a large volume of questions through our website. We encourage you to join or start a conversation on our Facebook page and Follow Us on Twitter, where you’ll find thousands of followers interested in engaging in conversations about our work. Hashtags commonly used on Twitter are: #autism, #autismknowsnoborders #skillcorps, #globalautism #projectacceptance 

The Global Autism Project is located at 252 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Founder  & CEO

Molly Ola Pinney | molly.pinney[at]

Director of Outreach

Cassie Harden| cassie[at]

Director of Clinical Services

Jacob Sadavoy | jacob[at]

Director of SkillCorps

Cailey Rodgers | cailey[at]

Professional Development Coordinator

Ann Beirne | ann[at]

International Partnerships Coordinator

Dr. Noor Syed | noor[at]

Corporate and Strategic Partnerships Manager

Phil Cook | philip.cook[at]

SkillCorps Team

SkillCorps Team | skillcorps[at]