By Aidan Dunn, Intern at the Global Autism Project Headquarters

There’s a lot of perks to working at The Global Autism Project. It’s within walking distance,you get to travel, the hours are reasonable, but one of my favorite benefits is working with the dogs in the office. That’s an odd thing to say isn’t it. The Global Autism Project is about working with the Autistic internationally which has nothing to do with dogs. We aren’t involved with dog-based therapy or anything like that. Instead, the association comes from the tendency to bring dogs over during work hours. Our founder Molly Ola Pinney usually brings over her dog Jade- a brown colored dog who is around most often, but we had a guest dog named Blue (some kind of large pincher mix) who visited while we were sharing space with a pop-up shop, and most recently a pug named Dexter. Besides the dogs at the office, I have a dog at home- a miniature schnauzer named Mimi who is a bit too old and loud to bring to work. Mimi’s not an office dog but she does have a connection to the Global Autism Project via a blanket with their logo on it. The blanket was a gift for me at Christmas time, but I gave it to Mimi when I saw her shivering from the cold. She is loath to part with it so it’s hers now. Just like my bean bag chair. The dogs at the office (and Mimi) all have similar personalities. They’re all older dogs who don’t make much fuss unless their owner leaves temporarily or food is involved. When food is involved though, they quickly become the eater’s new best friends, sitting by their side, gazing upwards and drooling. I haven’t dropped anything for them yet, but they’re not going to stop trying. That’s all I’ve got for today. It was kind of a weird subject to talk about, but the dogs are a great part of this office that I miss intensely whenever they’re not around.