By Nick Goebel, a member of the SkillCorps India October 2017 team
From the moment I got the email that I was accepted to go to India, my heart leaped for joy at the fact that I got to pass on what I learned and to learn as well. Each day we watched the children and teachers at Sorem. While watching the teachers and students we noticed that a lot of students weren’t doing things for themselves. We always strive for independence whether it be for ourselves or for the individuals that we serve. While we met as a team we talked about what would be the best thing that we could do to help them.
There was so much, but we wanted to make sure that it was sustainable and that they owned it. We could come in and do everything, but that doesn’t help them long term to rely on us that way. One of the things we as a team wanted to help with was setting up a task analysis for “Tiffen time”. The teachers created the task analysis with minimal assistance from us. Once it was created we assisted in taking the data with them. After only a couple days most of the class rooms Tiffen time was running smoother and more independently!
With the students becoming more independent you could see in the teachers eyes how proud they were. And some of the students expressed more joy that they were getting more praise and positive reinforcement for being independent. While watching them get their Tiffen time ready I noticed that I also had a huge smile and was filled with joy because just a few days ago they were waiting for prompts or even waiting for the teacher to set up their Tiffen for them. I can’t wait to see what the results are going to be in the future with the other task that we are going to help the teachers tackle.