By Kourtni Bradley, a member of the SkillCorps Nicaragua November 2016 team

This week, we have been focusing on functions of behavior and behavior interventions.  We have assisted in creating presentations and helped implement a variety of behavior support guidelines.  We’ve seen problem behaviors improve and others have an “extinction burst.”  They have all been different.  Just like our kids and just like all of us.  


When we arrived at Centro De Intervencion Edu Terapeutico, it was evident that we all had the same passion.  We all have the same love for each of these children.  We all want to see each of these children succeed in the highest way possible.  

No matter the language barrier, no matter the miles between all of us, no matter how different we all are, we all love what we do. 

As our time here at CIE is coming to a close, we are amazed by the progress that has been made my the staff and the kids.  We are witnessing so many beautiful changes and the entire staff is embracing them all with open hearts. We are heartbroken to have to say goodbye in two short days, but are thrilled to see the progress that the center will continue to make.


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