Over the last few weeks, things have been ramping up at the Global Autism Project office. Some major things are on the horizon!

First off, Modify Watches has extended a unique opportunity for collaboration. Part fundraising, part sassy watches – Modify Watches has created custom Global Autism Project watches for sale on their website. Check it out – and grab yours today! 50% of the profits go towards the mission of the Global Autism Project.

Modify has even sweetened the deal with a coupon code for our supporters:

20% off with code NAMASTE through September!


Next – and all the more exciting, Microsoft currently has a contest running to pinpoint a global nonprofit organization which is upgrading their world. Voting for the Global Autism Project is easy! Here’s how:

Got it?  #vote #upgradeyourworld @GlobalAutismProject

… So easy!


And finally, we recent launched Compass, a new initiative giving donors a unique opportunity to follow their dollar through an online portal unlike any other. Join Compass with a monthly donation to receive access to behind-the-scenes footage, updates, and photos from our partners and SkillCorps teams! Read on to get started.

Keep your eyes on Global Autism Project for exciting updates from the field and from our Brooklyn office!


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