By Jacob Sadavoy


Today is the last day at Kaizora; it is bittersweet. I’m disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the recommended interventions and I will greatly miss collaborating with the staff and playing with the students. The necessary part of leaving, which is why this moment is bittersweet, is to ensure that Kaizora can grow independently devoid of outside support and resources; as a result, SkillCorps must be a time limited support system.  From the beginning of this adventure,  SkillCorps has preached the need for this project to be sustainable. The likelihood  of all of the recommendations being realized is small. However, being involved in building Kaizora’s foundation will be a source of pride when I reflect on my career as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.


being here, in the only APplied Behaviour Analytic centre in Eastern Africa, is surreal. I believe Kaizora will grow Into something special because of the staff’s desire for professional growth, thrill discussing the science of behaviour, and their devotion to their students. I have learned over these past two weeks that patience with a process like this is the only way for sustainability to be possible. Kaizora is not going to look like a state-ofthe-art North American ABA centre overnight. Having them evolve in to an exemplary centre on their own is the greatest gift SkillCorps can give.


Thank you for this experience. Next stop Kilimanjaro….

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