First and foremost, we are alive and well, maybe sick here and there, but alive.   I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I got here, but it has not been too different as far as daily tasks that I would do back home.  I guess the biggest difference is the culture, food, and the time change.   What are we doing out here?  Let’s get to it.   We’re currently providing assistance to the workers at Kaizora Consultants in Karen, Nairobi, which is being operated extremely well.   I was so shocked to see the number of males working here in comparison to the number of males I come into contact with back at home working with the same population of individuals.    And honestly, I thought I brought excitement to my sessions, but never mind.  These men here are full of energy and they really enjoy what they’re doing.  It’s great to hear that some of them, or maybe all of them, are pursuing a masters degree in a related field and are constantly asking questions trying to understand applied behavior analysis.

So it has been quite the adventure thus far and we’re all excited for what’s in store for us in the several days here.  All in all, the kiddos are great to work with and they sure do make us laugh here and there.  We’ve been learning Swahili from generous and patient people who hear our attempts at speaking their language.   Our team has gone on our own adventures outside of work, which has been delight due to the abundance of animals we see out here.  Side bar, there are baboon crossing signs here!

Anyway, I can’t thank my supporters enough because without you, I simply wouldn’t be here.   Thank you mentors who have taught me so much about applied behavior analysis and my colleagues out there who share our love for this field.   Thank you familia!  I hope you’re all doing well back in the states.  I sure hope to see most of you when I return for some In-N-Out and AYCE KBBQ.   Until next time, lala salama.


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