By Nicole Vogel, a member of the SkillCorps Dominican Republic June 2016 trip

From the moment I joined the Global Autism Project, with the SkillCorps June 2016 Dominican Republic team, I knew that I would be getting out of my comfort zone in some ways more than others. I was not sure what to expect and what role I would play in the dynamic of the group I was going with. However, I could not wait for this adventure to start.

It was not until I was at orientation that I realized how much my comfort zone would be challenged. While I am on this trip, I am faced with the real question of what my comfort zone is and what it is not. As my team learned quickly, I am an open book. My next step is to determine how much I want to get out of my comfort zone and how to do it. These very real questions are something that I will be working through as my adventure with the Global Autism Project continues. I will also have the the support of my SkillCorps team, for we are all going through the same thing as they reach out of their own kind of comfort zone. This creates a great way to support each other and grow together. I am having an amazing time on this adventure with my SkillCorps team as we explore reaching out of our own comfort zones together.


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