By Aidan Dunn, SkillCorps® Assistant at the Global Autism Project

Hey everyone! It’s Aidan from the Global Autism Project here to complain about the weather. It is now officially hot, which is bad for me because as a blue eyed-fair skinned- redhead, I burn like Nosferatu in the sunlight and I can’t handle any kind of heat. Enough about my gripes though- let’s talk about the rest of the team here at the GAP HQ. It’s kind of a slow period for us at HQ. A lot of my higher ups are out on business so the office is fairly empty. We just hit one of the fundraising deadlines for our July trips overseas, so most of my work has been taking note of who has met the deadline and who has not. Other than that, work is mostly about counting checks and general bookkeeping. For the past few weeks, I worked next to our accountant as he went over everything. Not particularly exciting work, but better than running around outside in this heat. That’s about it for us. I’m sorry- not every blog post can be about a previously unacknowledged aspect of autistic life or a gripping tale regarding the adventures of Global Autism Project office life. Maybe next time.

*The views expressed in this blog post are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Global Autism Project.*