By Kamylle Mac Intosh, a member of the SkillCorps Kenya August 2016 team
As we sat around the lunch table on our first day at Kaizora drinking hot beverages and anxiously awaiting what the day would bring, a boy ran into the space soon followed by his teacher. He ran straight to me and grabbed my arm. As I said hello, I quickly realized that he had actually run away from his teacher and may have been using me to help create a distance between him and her. This tactic was one which was all too familiar to me. I remember thinking to myself ‘Welcome to work’ and I wondered about the new people I would come to know and work with in the coming weeks.
Fast forward to our last day at the center minutes before final goodbyes and I am working together with his case manager to make final edits on his new behavior plan. Days before consisted of a lot of observations, brainpower, and teamwork. Staff trained, friends made, bonds formed. I have left confident that my part in the team effort is likely to be sustained because the effects of the plan have already begun to take place. In the words of a Behavior Therapist at Kaizora “It’s really working!”

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