Quality Measures
Becoming a BCBA or BCaBA is hard work and accruing your supervision hours can be laborious. To help support you, we will strive to make your supervision meetings engaging and pertinent to your current professional development at your clinical site. We will provide you feedback on your  videos and share files so that remote supervision will not feel far.
Our BCBA Supervision includes:

Video sharing for personalized feedback

- Expertise informed by international experience
- Assignments: Writing samples/article reviews

- Maintenance of paperwork and hours accrued
- Progress reviews: every 100 hours of supervision

- Diverse and accessible team of BCBAs 
Our supervision team is made up of skilled BCBAs who have traveled with the Global Autism Project and have seen effective programming abroad and throughout North America. We will use this experience to enrich and inform our superivison curriuclum while providing you with the knowledge to be confident when you sit for the BACB Exam.

We endorse a superivision that is:
      -culturally relevant
      -ethical and contextual

Your success is our success. We hope to share our experiences to help you become a more thoughtful, gifted, and ethical clinician.
Jacob Sadavoy, MSc, BCBA, LBA
Jacob has a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Biology and a Master's degree in special education with over 15 years' experience working with students with special needs in various clinical and educational environments throughout North America. He is the Clinical Services Coordinator for the Global Autism Project and works to ensure clinical integrity at the various partner sites, research development, and online training initiatives. He has traveled with the Global Autism Project to Nigeria, Nicaragua, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, and Kenya.
Michelle Zube, MA, BCBA
Michelle is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®) from New Jersey. Michelle has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's degrees in special education and applied behavior analysis. She is an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College, teaching courses in the Applied Behavior Analysis program. As a Global Autism Project Clinical Supervisor, Michelle creates professional development materials, consults on international cases, and extends research in the field of applied behavior analysis. She has traveled with the Global Autism Project to Indonesia, Nicaragua, Czech Republic and the Dominican Republic to provide intensive training.
Kathryn Petersen, MA, BCBA
Kathryn is a BCBA located in San Diego, CA. She has traveled with the Global Autism Project to the Dominican Republic, Kenya, and Indonesia. Kathryn earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Biochemistry with a Spanish minor in 2009 from the University of San Diego. She also earned her MA in Child, Family, and School Psychology from the University of Denver in 2012. She received her BCBA certification in 2013. She has worked with clients ranging from 18 months to 22 years of age. Kathryn has worked with disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, global developmental delays, Fragile X Syndrome, Down Syndrome, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Kathryn has experience with a variety of clinical settings, including both home and school. 
Krystina Gilhuly, MS, BCBA
Krystina received her Bachelor’s Degree from Saint Joseph College in Psychology with a Minor in Disabilities Studies. Her Master’s Degree was in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism from Sage College. During her Master’s Program, she was a Student Representative for the Association for Behavior Analysis International. She has worked in private out-placement schools, public schools, as a school consultant, in-home BCBA provider, and as administrative level work. Krystina has provided training to therapists in Indonesia, Kenya, and the Czech Republic through the Global Autism Project.
Crystal Thompson, MS, BCBA
Crystal is the founder of BELIEVE AUTISM and has worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders since 2005. She has a Master's Degree in Counseling from Nova Southeast University and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She combines her passion to work with children with ASD and their families with her love for dance, as well as provide various opportunities through art classes, tutoring, and support groups. She has traveled with the Global Autism Project to Nigeria, Nicaragua, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, and Kenya.
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