We started off this week with our very first Staff Meeting! It was a great way to start off the week. Here is an insider’s peek on what’s happening here at the Global Autism Project. Happy Monday!

This week we had our first staff meeting. At the meeting we reviewed how weekly meetings usually operate, and looked over the form that usually gets filled out before every meeting. Each of us discussed what projects we have been working on recently. It was really great to see what everyone has been working so hard on over the past week, and to be on the same page as everyone. We discussed an upcoming project to track online activity of SkillCorps volunteers, collect data, and track their success in fundraising. We also discussed the difference between administrative training calls and clinical training calls with our partners, and how each of them work. Overall it was a very successful meeting and it was great to learn more about how the Global Autism Project works and how each of us is contributing to the success of the organization. –Jaime Berghorn 

June has been a really exciting month for the Global Autism Project. We had the opportunity to visit the United Nations for their Speaking Colors event, the opening of  Debbie Rasiel’s exhibit, Picturing Autism, took place, we return to Peru on June 30th, and especially exciting for us, has been our move to the Brooklyn office! Even more exciting, though, is everything that has been going on behind the scenes. At our staff meeting today, I got a chance to see what my other fellow interns were up to, and everyone has been doing so many amazing things! From expanding our borders on social media, by means of Pintrest and Tumblr, to working with our SkillCorps members in marketing and fundraising techniques, the Global Autism Project is growing in many different areas and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of all the excitement! It is just the beginning of many great things to come. – Liz Cruz

Today was our first staff meeting, and my first official staff meeting ever. Sure, I had similar meetings when I was a camp counselor, but those were filled with trivial issues like figuring out how to get as many campers to shower before the hot water ran out as possible and what the best way to sneak rice krispy treats from the kitchen was. A Global Autism Project staff meeting is filled with ideas and updates on how the organization is working as a whole to make the lives of our partners and the children they work with easier. Molly encourages us to ask questions and rather then insinuating that your questions are silly, she praises each one and answers it as though she was being interviewed by Bryan Williams. It was interesting learning the way the admin and clinical calls are run and exciting to know that Alex, one of the men employed by the R.A.S.I.E program, is going to be trained in collecting the data from these spreadsheets proving, yet again, that the Global Autism Project practices what they preach. –Molly Dickman

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