The 2014 summer interns are here! After an orientation and introduction to the organization on Friday, they were put to work Monday morning and have been doing various projects throughout the week including writing newsletters, gala planning and even creating a Global Autism Instagram Page. Below are a few first impressions from some of them.


Molly: I remember sitting in my sorority house living room, procrastinating studying for finals and stressing that I had absolutely nothing to do this summer. Instead of facing my political science textbook, I decided to Google some internships and apply for the first 10 I saw, one of which being the Global Autism Project. It was the last one I applied for but after reading the description of the organization, it shot to the top of my list as the place I wanted to work. Coming in for orientation I had no idea where I was going, what I would be doing and what I was about to become a part of, but I knew I was excited and slightly sweaty as I ran from the 3 train to Water Street. As orientation began, I quickly realized this wasn’t going to be a coffee run and copy machine internship like most others. No, this was going to be us doing meaningful work for an organization that was lead by inspiring, passionate people who not only deeply cared about the cause they were working for, but also about us and want us to get the most out of this summer.

Although I’m exhausted and don’t want to deal with public transportation ever again, my first week at the Global Autism project has been meaningful for so many reasons. Not only am I doing projects that I love and are geared towards what I want to do in life, which is public relations and marketing, but I’m also learning how a non-profit runs and witnessing its impact not only internationally but also in our own office. Meeting and working with the RAISE employees, Rusty and Alex, is amazing and watching what they accomplish and the respect they are given is truly something that everyone should have the opportunity to witness. I’m excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store!

Molly Dickman is a rising sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is the Public Relations Intern at the Global Autism Project.


Jamie: This has been my first week interning at the Global Autism Project, and so far I have learned a great deal about the organization’s structure, function, and goals for both the long term and short term.  I was not totally sure what I would be doing here my first week- I was just hoping I wouldn’t be getting people coffee and opening mail. Immediately I was immersed into the laid back and passionate environment of the Global Autism Project. This week I have done research and planning for next year’s gala and attended webinars about fundraising and planning charity events.  For most of my time this week, I have worked on creating the newsletter that will be sent out next Tuesday. For this assignment I researched autism in the news, and included upcoming events and updates for our organization. I am excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store and what I will be working on in the future!

Jamie Berghorn is a rising junior at Villanova and is a Communications Intern at the Global Autism Project.

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