We are the wave-makers.

We believe in unyielding optimism and unceasing collaboration.

We embrace and champion local initiatives.

We travel to the edges of our comfort zones and keep going.

We gravitate towards adventure.

We believe in the power of grassroots.

We remind others to remain hopeful.

We’re humbled and transformed by the experiences with our partners.

We build sustainability. We create change that is everlasting.

Full Time Positions

The Global Autism Project is not currently hiring. We will keep your resume on file!

Full Time Internships

If you are interested in a full or part-time internship, please email a resume/CV and cover letter to apply@globalautismproject.org.

Importance of Friendship and Social Events

By Rusty Hornig-Rohan, Database and Spreadsheets Manager at the Global Autism  I feel that it is important for people with autism to have friends and get involved in social events so that they can meet like minded-individuals with whom they share common interests....

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Autism and its Cohort Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

By Dr. David L. Holmes, Chairman of Lifespan Services LLC, Princeton, NJ, USA and Archibald 'Archie' Brechin, Self-Advocate, Graduate Student, Rutgers University's School of Social Work and Intern at the Global Autism Project Foreword to this article; Throughout this...

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