By Caroline Toto, a member of the SkillCorps Indonesia July 2016 team

Flexibility is something that is greatly valued in our field! Not only do we encourage flexibility with the individuals that we work with, but it is also important to promote flexibility within ourselves as professionals.

The past two weeks have been enlightening (to say the least!). As a team we have been extremely productive and have come together to IMG_2756problem solve and make amazing progress on a variety of tasks and topics. Some days we have gone into the center expecting to focus on a certain topic or task and somehow find ourselves talking about something completely different…and that’s OKAY! Sometimes it is important to remind ourselves to “just go with it”! Whether it be in our professional work or in our daily life, flexibility goes a long way.
As I reflect on the past two weeks at the center I am filled with a sense of accomplishment. Not only have we made a great deal of progress from a clinical and business standpoint, but we have also come together and progressed as a team. We have been able to share our own experiences and really learn from each other (and laugh a lot!).

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