By Sara Costello, Director of International Partnerships at Global Autism Project

On all of my SkillCorps trips and all of my adventures, I have never encountered a group of people that can make me laugh as long and as hard as this. I am thankful for the measurable change, for the children who danced with us, played with us, and more than anything — learned with us.

But this work isn’t easy.

There are days you come home feeling defeated. A child isn’t making the progress you want, social dynamics are challenging, the travelers’ stomach rears its ugly head.

But this team has garnered strength from each other, willing to be shaped and changed by each other, and allowing each others’ strengths to prevail in their own weaknesses.

This team has grown as clinicians, as ABA therapists. The staff at Kaizora learned and taught us every day. This group has grown in their social skills, their cultural understandings, and their tolerance for change. I’ve seen these four strong women grow weary, and laugh through it.

bridge laughing

We’ve laughed during games, where it is natural. We’ve laughed when things were so hard, we thought we’d cry. We’ve laughed for no reason, and lost our breath.

Jordan Laughing

This team has grown, including myself, in ways that you can’t measure or quantify. I am thankful for change that is measurable, and for the change you cannot see.


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