By Kate Davis, a member of the SkillCorps® Kenya July 2018 team

How can I accurately describe a moment, a day, or a trip, that has been life changing? How can I find the words for an experience that has altered my mind in unimaginable ways, and transformed the way I view the world? 
When I signed up for SkillCorps, I knew I would be going on the trip of a lifetime; I would meet professionals in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and learn from them, I would travel to a developing country and help local teachers, parents, and children. What I didn’t know was that I would learn so much more than I was teaching. 
At Kaizora Institute, we observe the therapists implementing what they’ve learned over the past 6 years with SkillCorps and Global Autism Project. We learn new songs at morning circle, how to work as a collaborative team, how to integrate ourselves with the local therapists, how to actively listen and observe. Through this learning we see the miracles they create every day. Throughout each day, I smile so much that my cheeks hurt.  
It’s only been one week. I can’t wait to see what’s next.