By Shelbie Nyman, a member of the Indonesia February 2018 team

The first thing I do when working with a new client is to make a plan to expand or establish an effective communication system. This is so incredibly important in order for a client to be able to get their wants and needs met. So when I stepped off the plane in Jakarta and started to hear Bahasa all around I quickly realized that I will need to put a significant effort into establishing my own effective communication system. We are so fortunate here as we have our very own educators, Roni and Hotik, the founders of Rumah Tiara, and of course Papa Roni. I like to think that I speak ABA as a second language, so Roni and Hotik’s immense knowledge of reinforcement and behavior functions made communication at clinic comfortable. However if you have ever had a conversation with me you know that I speak about a mile a minute, loud, and with elaborate and completely necessary hand movements. Before I could jump into replacement behaviors for attention seeking behaviors, I had to actively work on identifying the most important pieces of my statement and clearly, calmly deliver my point of view. This has been my own personal definition of parsimony. As I get ready to start my second week at Rumah Tiara, I am focusing on implementing my new found lesson and search out as many Bahasa lessons as possible. This should be fairly achievable as Papa Roni and I already have a stand in vocab lesson each morning on the way to clinic. Makasih Jakarta, Rumah Tiara, Roni, Hotik, and Papa Roni for helping me establish my effective communication system!