By Darcy Howard, a member of Skillcorps India Feb 2017 team


The two weeks at Sorem flew by. I couldn’t believe it when it was time to say goodbye. It was hard leaving the students and teachers, it’s amazing how quickly bonds are made. During our time at Sorem I was able to primarily work with one teacher. I was able to support her with all of her students by introducing ways for the students to mand (request) for preferred items. I grew a great connection with the teacher and her students through this process. I really enjoyed collaborating with her, I believe we both learned from each other.

Working alongside other behaviour analysts on the team was a great learning opportunity as well. I felt that in normal day to day life it is easy to get into a routine and not expand much from it. After putting yourself out there by switching up your routine and your comfort zones you are able to grow so much professionally and personally. I enjoyed working with everyone on my team and learning so much from each individual. Overall my Skillcorps experience was a wonderful adventure with many chances to learn and grow.

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