by Aidan Dunn, SkillCorps® Assistant at Global Autism Project

Hello readers! It’s me again writing the second blog post in two weeks (a blog post per week in a supposedly weekly series? I know- shocker!) because we have big news here at the Global Autism Project for my thirtieth blog post! Our beloved founder and CEO, Molly Ola Pinney, is being awarded a medal of excellence from Columbia University!

The famed Columbia University is an Ivy league school located here in New York, the oldest institution of higher learning to be established in the state, and the fifth such institution to be founded in the U.S.

It is a great honor for our founder to be noticed by such a prestigious school and be awarded accordingly. More precisely, Molly Pinney will be receiving the University Medal for Excellence for her work as the founder and CEO of the Global Autism Project.

This prize is awarded to those esteemed individuals who exemplify the ideals of the university through their significant scholarly, artistic, or (as in Molly’s case) societal achievements. The University Medal for Excellence is the highest honor that Columbia University bestows upon an individual.

For over fifteen years, Molly has worked tirelessly on behalf of the autistic community around the globe. Starting out working overseas in Ghana, Molly’s work has spread across the globe and now benefits hundreds of autistic individuals abroad. She has appeared on Ted-Talks and spoken at the U.N on behalf of the autistic community globally.

That covers just about everything. If you want to learn more about Molly and her history, I refer you to her autobiographical page on the Global Autism Project website: If you’re looking for more information on the University Medal of Excellence from Columbia University, check here:

Besides Molly’s big achievement, there is one other piece of info I feel I should mention. From here on, the way I write blogs is going to change a bit due to some changes in scheduling and formatting here at the Global Autism Project.

If all goes as planned (fingers crossed) you should be getting new, longer blogs from me on a more frequent schedule than before. With any luck I’ll write more soon. For now, please join us in celebrating our founder’s achievements for all her hard work.