By: Kelsey Murphy

Today is the first day of my last week at the clinic. We have had a a few hurdles that we have gotten through as a team which was both challenging and satisfying to overcome! I’m proud of my team for sticking together even when we are typically used working independently and have really only recently met each other!

My favorite times have been getting to know the people who work here and their stories. One teacher travels 3 hours to our clinic each way to work everyday. The dedication she makes to help out children and their families is truly inspirational to listen to. And it’s not just her that has a story like this. They have all overcome quite a bit and remain so passionate to grow the center. Another cool staff here is their marketing person. He came in wanting to be a technician and instead now runs the Instagram and facebook very easily!

My favorite part of last week was working together to create a structure for a brand new parent support group. Everyone was very excited about our ideas and suggestions and they even had 9 families show up!

As for me  I continue to really enjoy the food and community.