By: Lizzy Nowell

My time in Nanchang taught me patience, creativity, open mindedness, and so much more. It helped me view the world from the eyes of others in a way I’d never be able to do without the support of Global Autism Project and SkillCorps. Taking a step into another culture, another world, is something indescribable that will forever change the way I view my daily world.
It can be a very intimidating thing, entering a new culture that you’ve never encountered, but the staff at the Nanchang location made sure we felt as welcome and comfortable as possible. Nanchang and the Huicong staff, students, parents, and translators taught me to appreciate and find beauty in everything around me; it allowed me to build relationships and create bonds with individuals from across the world regardless of any barriers that faced us. I have never experienced such gratitude, such strength, such strong-willed staff who truly want what’s best for their students. The staff at Huicong are willing to go to any measures to ensure the success of their students and it is an incredible feeling to be around a team with such devotion.

Thank you Huicong and thank you Nanchang for allowing me to be a part of your greater mission, welcoming me into your center, and into your lives with open arms. You have opened my eyes to a much bigger world and I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of something so powerful.