By Tierra Gilbert, a member of the SkillCorps Kenya July 2017 team

Yesterday the SkillCorps team supported the staff of Kaizora by presenting information on Natural Environment Teaching (NET). NET occurs when teachers use student interests and engagement within their natural environment to create learning opportunities for the students. The training included examples of practical applications of NET, the importance of motivation during teaching/learning opportunities, and how to incorporate requesting (manding), labeling (tacting), following directions (listener-response), conversational skills (intraverbals), & echoic skills into the learning opportunities. Following the training, the SkillCorps team and Kaizora staff met within small groups to discuss NET in greater detail. 

Today, while in the advanced learners classrooms, I saw NET in action! Teachers rewarded students with preferred activities for on-task behavior. While students were engaged in their preferred activities, staff at Kaizora used that time to create and capture opportunities for students to learn while having fun! The staff at Kaizora saw that student motivation to access and engage in preferred activities was high, so they applied their NET skills to enrich the learning environment! This has been such an amazing experience to witness NET!

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