by Kourtni Bradley, a member of the SkillCorps Nicaragua November 2016 team

I stepped off of the plane in Managua feeling a whirlwind of emotions stretching from nervous to excited.  

A new culture, A new country, A new world.

After spending two days in New York with my team completing orientation, we flew into Managua, Nicaragua on Friday evening.  On Saturday, we woke up and spent the day exploring different sights and sounds around Managua.  We traveled outside of the city to the beautiful Laguna De Apoyo, which was a body of water that is contained inside the crater of the Apoyo Volcano.  We spent the day relaxing, kayaking, and bonding as a team.  Although we were completely exhausted by the end of the day, it was a great way to start off our adventure in Nicaragua.  On Sunday, we traveled to the gorgeous city of Granada where we spent the day shopping, exploring the immaculate architecture, and taking in the beautiful views.


As much fun as the weekend was, I was ready to get started on the reason on why I decided to take on this grand adventure.

We arrived on Monday morning at Centro De Intervencion Edu Terapeutico where we began our morning with meeting the therapists and other clinicians at the center.  We started off with a fun icebreaker and met with some of the coordinators and discussed their goals for while we are here.

Reflecting back on today, I realized how many similarities I have with other people in such a different culture.  We all have the same goals, the same passion, and the same principles when it comes to ABA.  We all want to see these children grow, learn, and flourish, no matter what background we may come from.  

It may be a new culture, a new country, and a new world, but we still share a common bond.

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