By Janet Delgado, a SkillCorps member on the March 2016 trip to Indonesia

So I was trying to think of what direction to take this post to and realized it’s difficult to fit “all the things” (as our team leader would say) into this blog post without running on for days. Because really, there is no way to keep this short and sweet, but I’ll do my best and stick to one topic.

Coming into this trip I really wasn’t sure what to expect not only from the expectations as a Skillcorps member but what the team dynamic would be like. I guess I’m a lucky gal, because from day 1 until now I can say that I am a part of a team that acquires many amazing qualities that are different yet blend together so wonderfully. I’m sure from an outsider’s point of view they would think we had been been friends or had been working together for quite some time. To say that this team has experienced a lot together would be an understatement. Basically, what could have gone wrong on this trip went wrong but I gotta say that we all rolled with the punches and had the best time doing it.  It was those moments that I realized that I was part of a resilient group of individuals.


We began our days at the Hi5 center again not knowing what to expect from their staff or just how the day would go in general. The Hi5 staff are not only hardworking and dedicated therapists to their clients and the field of ABA, but they are also lovely and welcoming people.  Who would’ve known people from completely different cultures and who live in different parts of the world could work so well together. We were all able to bounce ideas around and develop new strategies to best fit the needs of the Hi5 center.  Oh and the kids were SO cute and a thrill to learn about. Also, thank you Hi5 staff for supporting and constantly encouraging us all throughout our time there, teaching us Bahasa, and keeping Skillcorps so well fed everyday.  We not only became a team but became friends as well. Who would’ve known that this was possible in 2 weeks.

“There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met”. – Jim Henson


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