By Adrienne Barker, a member of the SkillCorps DR Oct. 2016 team

It wasn’t until we all sat down for dinner this evening that it really sank in.  Is it Tuesday already, and how do we have only three more days left?? Pondering how much we have already accomplished, we all reflected how long we have already been here.  It’s crazy thinking about how we have already been together for two weeks as well!  Even for the staff at Aprendo, they have come out of their shells and are much more comfortable with their English they use with us.

As for myself, I cannot believe the change in perspective that this experience has created for me.  Not only had my mind been open for creating opportunities for making sustainable changes for practice. I have also found how when you really have many less materials than you are used to, there are so many things you can still accomplish.  Appreciate the little things can be an overused statement, but I cannot express how much gratitude has been expressed with a simple smile from staff and the children at the center.

Let’s make the best of the last three days!