By Danielle Ortiz, a member of the SkillCorps Dominican Republic October 2016 team

While this is my second trip with the Global Autism Project, I am still getting all the feelings as if this was my first. I am excited, anxious, nervous and the list could go on! My last trip was by far the most life changing experience I had had in my 27 years. I grew so much as a person and learned so much from the partner site in Kenya. I immediately signed up when I landed back in US soil to go on another trip! Coming into Orientation I felt I had a grasp on everything we would learn; comfort zones, the discussions about culture shock, budgeting and the amazing story of how the organization began. I quickly realized that first day though that while I thought I knew so much, I was about to learn even more. Yes, we did the activities listed above, we learned about each other, the partner site, our roles while we are over there. But I was able to get a better grasp on what this AMAZING organization is all about, what makes them tick, why they are so passionate about autism and what I can do to keep supporting them. As I fly to the Dominican Republic I sit and reflect on my last trip, the moments I was present and the moments I wish I could have been more present in. I come with an open mind, ready to absorb all this trip is willing to teach me. I can’t wait to share what this experience is like again with everyone.


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