Molly Ola Pinney

Founder / CEO

In 2003, Molly moved to Ghana to serve as a therapist for a young man with autism. She had been his therapist in Seattle, WA, and was asked to travel with them on their return home until they could find a local therapist for him. Faced with the reality that there were no local teachers prepared to support him, she envisioned and created an organization that could empower leaders, educate communities, and train local professionals. With a model rooted in sustainable, culturally relevant training, the Global Autism Project now works in ten different countries across four continents. 

Originally from New Hampshire, Molly has traveled and worked internationally for over 14 years. Her vision of building local capacity and promoting acceptance and understanding of the autistic community has grown into a global movement for change. She has spoken across various esteemed platforms; from the floor of the United Nations to a TEDx stage, advocating for a more collaborative, culturally relevant, sustainable approach to international aid programs. 

Jacob Sadavoy, MS BCBA

Director of Clinical Services

Cassie Harden

Director of Outreach

Dr. Noor Syed, BCBA-D

Research Coordinator

Rusty Hornig-Rohan

Database Manager, Autistic Self-Advocate

Summer Lightfoot

SkillCorps® Associate

Ann Beirne, MS BCBA

Director of Professional Development

Shae Brennan

SkillCorps® Coordinator

Julie Horne

Executive Assistant to the CEO


Ksenia Kravtchenko, MS BCBA

International Clinical Supervisor

Alex Ellis

Outreach Assistant, Autistic Self-Advocate

Edwin Cornejo

Clerical Assistant, Autistic Self-Advocate

Aidan Dunn

SkillCorps® Assistant, Autistic Self-Advocate

Rachel Harmon, MS BCBA

Regional Coordinator | EUROPE + MIDDLE EAST

Isabelle Ree, MS BCBA

Regional Coordinator | CHINA

Sarah Boone, MS BCBA

Regional Coordinator | SOUTH + EAST ASIA

Kathryn Petersen, MS BCBA

Regional Coordinator | THE AMERICAS

Carolyn Meuller, MS BCBA

2019 Discovery Fellow

Allison Bickelman, MS BCBA

2019 Discovery Fellow

Amy Pulliam, MSW, BCBA

2019 Discovery Fellow

Liz Castillo

Development Assistant