By Pooja Panesar


The SkillCorps team has just left after a fantastic 2 week training period. We did so much this trip… as we always do! We worked on increasing the children’s manding skills and a system to follow up (sustainability as the core we follow with the teams), and for the second week we worked on the skills analysis section of the VB-MAPP. This was a great follow up to the last SkillCorps visit when we worked on the milestones sections of the VB-MAPP. We went through the process of testing, observing, and also of translating all the results onto the student’s programs and what they should be working on.


As I always feel, the individuals who came for the trip were amazing. Always eager to do more, pitch in more, and share their expertise in every aspect. It’s always great to have a team with a variety of skills… those ranging from directors who own their own organization to those still studying to become BCBA’s. Everyone always has something to contribute and something to learn from us as well. The relationships formed with my amazing staff was also really encouraging to see. We teamed up a member of SkillCorps with a member of Kaizora and the teamwork and the way they get along to go that extra mile is very heart-warming.


I must also add that I am extremely proud of my staff and the way they take on the extra work we like to compress into this time period. They are usually exhausted at the end of the 2 weeks, but very grateful for all they learn. It’s a great exposure to the international community of ABA and with each trip from SkillCorps they get more insight into that community!


Thank you to Global Autism Project for all the ongoing hard work for all partners you support, and thank you to my team for always being so welcoming and accommodating!

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