“When you think of autism, how do you picture it?”

On May 29th the SOHO20 Gallery began boasting breathtaking photographs by Debbie Rasiel in her incredible exhibit, “Picturing Autism.” Her exhibit focuses on children with autism from all around the world. Her work emphasizes the universality of autism, and eliminates borders, creating one united international forum for autism. The Global Autism Project has been fortunate enough to to travel with Debbie and watch her in action as she captures her amazing artwork.

“PICTURING AUTISM is a composite of disparate landscapes across international, cultural, and socioeconomic divides, inhabited by people of different colors, shapes, ages, and skill sets. It is a collective portrait comprised of improbable elements, coming together and bumping up against each other to create a single experience…” 

Opening night proved to be a success, with an excitable crowd coming out to experience Debbie’s exhibit. Children featured in her work made their way over to the SOHO20 Gallery and stood by portraits of themselves, seemingly freezing time and making the Debbie experience even more extraordinary.

Debbie’s photographs coupled with the passion and excitement filling the room evolved the opening night of the exhibit into an unbelievable adventure.



Debbie’s artist’s statement & Debbie and our CEO and Founder Molly Ola Pinney!

The next stage of Debbie’s exhibit was a Panel Discussion featuring our CEO and Founder Molly Ola Pinney, in collaboration with Bridget A. Taylor, the co-founder and Executive Director of Alpine Learning Group, and Julie Fisher, the Executive Director of the NYC Autism Charter School. As leaders of education in the autism community, they added another great dimension to Debbie’s exhibit. No bound went unexplored in this exhibit, making it one impossible to top. This once in a lifetime exhibit is on display until June 21st. Don’t miss out on a truly unparalleled experience.


Our panelists in the midst of discussion!

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