By Aidan Dunn, Intern at the Global Autism Project

Blog Post 13. An unlucky number- suitable for how our office has been faring since the outbreak. It came out of nowhere in the middle of March. We thought that the nightmares of winter were over. We were wrong. Our leader was the first hit. She had to leave the office for a few days to get over it. She’s still not back. Then it was Phil’s turn. He said it was strep throat, the doctors said it was a cold. He was only gone for a day or two, but the time he spent here was enough. The infected become these… things. There’s no symptoms at first. You just go through life not knowing that you’re infected- that it’s already too late. Then it begins- the sore throat, the mucus in your nose, and food loses its flavor. Soon enough it turns into chills, then coughing and sneezing, turning those around you into more of the infected. There is no cure for the virus and it spreads quickly. Within a matter of days an entire office can become infected. The only treatment is a series of vile tasting liquids that temporarily suppress the symptoms. The relief never lasts long enough though. Of our leadership two members have not yet contracted this plague. Cailey and Cassie. I don’t know if they’re immune or just careful. If they are careful, they must… endure for the sake of all who are threatened by this disease. I’m writing this all knowing that I’m not going to make it out of here alright… a few days ago I started displaying the symptoms. The sore throat, the mucus, the chills… I’ve become infected. I… I’m trying to write down what I’ve learned so that no one else has to suffer through this… If… anyone is reading this… whoever is reading this is fighting the outbreak… all I know is that… ginger tea breaks up the mucus. Seriously, it’s great… I’ve… said all I set out to do… I hope this update on how we’re doing in the office has proven (hack, wheeze) helpful. Just… don’t make the same mistakes we did… winter is never over… the infection can happen at any time… remember to… wash your hands and… (achoo) keep away from the infected… maybe… you can avoid what happened to us. …Goodbye dear readers… please… be (bleck) safe… Please… pray for the Global Autism Project… please… pray… for… me… END OF MESSAGE

*The views expressed in this blog post are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Global Autism Project.*