By Kamylle Mac Intosh, a SkillCorps alum who has traveled on a SkillCorps trip to Kenya and is currently on a team in Nicaragua. She is planning to travel to India for her 3rd SkillCorps trip.
Our first week in Nicaragua has already come to an end. During the week, we had the pleasure of meeting 30 behavior technicians eager to teach and 60 bubbly kids eager to learn. Four of us, four teams – perfecto! We decided to split up and get to work, but not before getting some staff training in the schedule. We ended the week with modeling, role play, and feedback. By the end of the day, new staff evaluations were printed and in use by team coordinators.
 Although the main language of the staff at CIE is Spanish, and the main language of my Skillcorps team is English, we communicated in the shared language of Applied Behavior Analysis. With lots of perseverance, moments of frustration, and a common goal in mind, we were able to have pertinent discussions and decide on (as well as stick to) our priorities for this week. 
I am excited for what the second week holds as we will continue to build upon previous areas of focus while ensuring it passes the “fly away test”. As things from the previous trip continue to be maintained, I am confident that a similar pattern will continue. 

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